League of Explorers is a third expansion to popular card game – Hearthstone. In this expansion you are going for archaeological expedition to dig for new items – cards. In League of Explorers developers added a new mechanic to the game – Discover. It allows you to discover a few cards and pick the most suitable for you. Also two game boards were added in the expansion which feature a few entertaining elements which will help you kill time while your opponent is delaying the turn! Quickly, take your equipment from the shelves, get the backpacks and go look for adventures!

What awaits me in League of Explorers expansion?

In League of Explorers four wings await you – first three wings consist of three bosses, and fourth one consists of four. Unlike previous expansions, there are fewer bosses but more rewards! Don’t think it is going to be easy though! Bosses are vile – they’re masters of secrets and traps and, of course, have unique abilities and cards! As it’s common already. League of Explorers has three modes: Normal, Heroic and Class Challenges. To complete Normal you must have basic cards for all heroes, as every boss takes its own strategy and you need a solid combination of cards to get through all of them! Of course, you need to have game understanding and a bit of luck! To get through Heroic, though, that’s not enough – you would need extended collection of cards and very good understanding of the game! If you encountered any difficulties in completing League of Explorers, we can help you overcome them!Wings in the expansion open one after another – and Heroic is available once you beat all bosses of the wing in Normal. If you want some card for your class – you would also need to clear Normal to open class challenges.

Which rewards can I get for League of Explorers clear?

Every expansion adds more and more unique cards and that one is no different! 45 new cards were added in this one, you can add them to your collection:

  • 20 cards for victories over bosses;
  • 5 legendary cards for completing full wings;
  • 27 unique class cards for doing class challenges (3 cards for each class).

Features of the service:

We have added an additional feature for you – Hearthstone adventures  without account sharing! This boost is done using sharescreen. There are two options – though for any option our booster needs a stable connection to your PC.

  • Skype sharescreen. Our booster calls you on Skype and you turn Skype Screen-share on and he controls your gameplay (tells you what to do). Service is available in English and Russian, as you prefer. You should be at the PC during the service.
  • Teamviewer. You need to install that program, launch the game and give us your Teamviewer connection details, so our booster can connect to your PC. During the boost you won’t be able to use your PC but you can watch the game from your screen!


  • You will get the card rewards according to the wings you ordered.
  • If full The League of Explorers clear is ordered, you’ll get a card back.

Time of completion:

  • We need approx. 4 hours to get through Blackrock Mountain in Normal mode or 6 hours in Heroic mode.
  • Some cases might need more time – but we’ll warn you about those cases in advance!


  • Sharing of account.
  • Bought The League of Explorers expansion.
  • Base cards pack for all heroes (10 lvl for each hero).
  • If you order the service without account sharing, your intener speed must be over 2 MB/s.


You can get answers to all questions using Live Chat on the website or skype boosting_pro in the working time (1PM CEST- 1AM CEST).
After your order is finished our system will send you a message on Skype and email. You can also check status of your order by PMing our operator using Live Chat on the website or skype boosting_pro in the working time (1PM CEST- 1AM CEST).
Our certified booster who works for us for several years already will play on your account, so you can be sure your account is super safe. Our team consists only of top-level players who score high-rank legend every season.
Yes. You can play all other games in your client while we boost.
To get The League of Explorers done you need to have all base cards for all heroes (hero level 10). You can level the heroes yourself or order hero leveling from us.
In this case you’ll need to either clear Normal mode yourself or order a Normal mode boost from us.
You can buy your missing The League of Explorers wings in the game shop for ingame gold or real currency.



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