In two years Hearthstone has become one of the most popular games not only in it’s own genre, but in all video games. Player base is still expanding every day. A lot of new players are facing troubles with learning the game.Enormous amount of different cards, different strategies and decks confuses most players. If you do not have any friends who have already mastered the game, learning the game elements by yourself could take a lot of time. At this time there are a few modes, which are very different from each other, also there are several ways of accuring the cards. You will need a lot of time to master the game, because of that, we are offering you coaching by the best players in this cult game.


What will I get from coaching for new Players?

You will learn key aspects of the game. Our coach will tell you about Heartshone modes, about your capabilities and restrictions in each mode, and which mode is most important. You will learn about Arena and Tavern Brawl, and what do you need them for. There are different ways to get cards in Hearthstone, you will learn about that too. Some of the cards require additional contribution. The most important, our coach will answer all your questions, which a lot of new players get. You will complete few training game under supervision of our coach, to learn game mechanics. After Coaching for New players completion you will be ready to start mastering the game.


Additional options: Purchasing 5 or 10 extra games with a coach, extends your coaching time for 1 – 2 hours.
Time of Coaching: 1 Hour.



  • Hearthstone account.
  • Voice chat program of your choice to talk with your coach (Inform our manager about the program you want to use).


You can get answers to all questions using Live Chat on the website or skype boosting_pro in the working time (1PM CEST- 1AM CEST).
After your order is finished our system will send you a message on Skype and email. You can also check status of your order by PMing our operator using Live Chat on the website or skype boosting_pro in the working time (1PM CEST- 1AM CEST).
Our certified booster who works for us for several years already will play on your account, so you can be sure your account is super safe. Our team consists only of top-level players who score high-rank legend every season.
Yes. You can play all other games in your client while we boost.
You will need to purchase expansions in most cases, since this cards will give you advantage over other players. If you have any troubles completing an expansion, you can ask us for help.
We are cooperating with the best Hearthstone Players, who play on Legend Ranks and are participating in different tournaments. We cannot disclose their nicknames for security reasons.
Of course. When payment is done, contact our manager to schedule your coaching.
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