New World Crafting Skills boost

The New World economy will be built by the first players with high levels in every profession, and they will earn tons of gold coins! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

The game has seven different Crafting Skills in New World. The phrase “crafting” refers to the act of converting materials into useful items such as armor, weapons, bags, potions, food, and more. Because the stronger your character’s trade skill, the higher the level of things he can generate, it makes sense to level each trade skill to the maximum 200lvl to get the most out of them. A key aspect of this game is the player’s opportunity to master whatever job he desires; unlike other games, there are no restrictions here.

Buying New World Crafting Skills boost you will get:

  • Any level of the desired Crafting profession in New World.
  • Buying New World Refining Skill boost, you will also receive a boost to your Gathering profession (no specific level).
  • Buying New World Crafting Skill boost, you will also recevie a boost of the corresponding Gathering AND Refining professions (no specific level).
  • All coins and other materials that are left after the boost.


  • Time to complete New World Crafting Skills boost 2-7 days (one profession).
  • You need to choose the desired number of points for New World Crafting Skills boost.
  • The length of this service is determined by the starting skill level and target skill level.
  • You will spend less if you need a boost in processing or crafting and have already reached the required level of collection (or purification).
  • When you reach the maximum level, you will be able to collect the best ingredients and utilize them to make the best products in the game.
  • We can give you with intermediate reports on the work that has been completed in the form of screenshots or a stream. The latter is not always possible because the game is overly demanding on the video card’s specifications.
  • You can order other New World services in corresponding Section.


  • New World account.
  • 60 level.
  • Account sharing

Crafting Skill in New World

Weaponsmithing. You can build melee weapons on a special Forge station after mastering this trade skill (swords, rapiers, hatchets), ools for equipment repair, shields, heavy armor.

Armoring. On the “Outfitting station,” you can use this trade skill to produce heavy and medium armor, as well as special bags.

Engineering. You may make ranged weapons (muskets and bullets, bows and arrows) as well as numerous chemicals using a machine called “Workshop.”

Jewelcrafting. Your character will be able to make numerous components for jewelry, as well as jewelry and amulets that will boost specific traits of the character, utilizing the “Outfitting station” machine.

Arcana is a fascinating trade talent whose utility cannot be overstated. Your character will be able to make magic weapons (fire staves and staves of life, gloves of ice) and potions that restore health and mana thanks to this “Arcane Repository” machine.

Cooking. On a “Kitchen” or in a personal camp, you can make food that speeds up the restoration of health or mana, food that temporarily boosts a specific trait, fishing bait, dish reagents, or paint. You’ll need animal meat, seafood, and plants for all of this.

Furnishing. The “Workshop” machine allows your character to make furniture for the house, as well as other useful goods and trophies, and it also provides some perks.

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