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The New World Leveling boost service will allow you to get a boosted character without wasting your time and nerves. There are no classes in the game, they are replaced by skills – picking up a sword and trainings with it, you will level the sword skill, which is unusual for many players and can cause many questions.

Although there are a number of quests in New World that will help beginners navigate the start of the game, the main focus of the game is on the MMORPG sandbox genre, where most of the content is created by the players themselves. Because of this, some beginners of the genre find it very difficult to navigate the game and from the very start they may have difficulties with leveling.

To all this, one must add the fact that in any sandbox, the main thing is the interaction of players, and the most important and interesting interaction is PvP. And PvP makes leveling even more difficult, although you can get some bonuses for it.

We offer you a convenient calculator for ordering New World Leveling boost on our website. You can choose the desired interval of levels and we will level you in a short time, regardless of which platform you are playing on.

Buying this boost you will get:

  • New World character of ordered level.
  • Start on the day of order.
  • 190 points to spend on Core Attributes.
  • Invasions unlocked (50 level).
  • Access to expeditions, wars, better gear, and trading recipes.
  • Ability to building x3 Houses for fast travel (55 level).
  • 3 slots for bags (45 level).
  • Outpost Rush access (60 level).


  • Time to New World leveling boost 1-60. Normal speed: 10-11 days. Express speed: 8-9 days. High-speed: ~6 days.
  • You may choose to add a variety of additional options to your leveling boost
  • You can choose a faction and we will join it during leveling.
  • One Gathering, Refining, or Crafting Skill — our player will level up the skill(s) that you select to the maximum level 200.
  • Boost Weapon Mastery to level 20. When ordering an additional option.
  • You can order other New World services in corresponding Section.


  • New World account.
  • E-mail Steam Guard active.
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  1. Thanks for leveling boost!


  2. nice boost


  3. fast new world Leveling boost. recommended


  4. Best leveling in NW!


  5. Great job. Fast and easy.


  6. Nice boost! Thanks)


  7. Everything was boosting in timely manner and without any issues. Thank you!


  8. Great boost service! My character level up very quickly.


  9. Very fast leveling! Will use again very soon)


  10. It was great New World leveling. Thanks for help!


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