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New World Weapon Mastery is a system that allows players to earn skill points based on their mastery level for a certain weapon class by leveling up their weapon experience. Simply put, the more skill points you invest in a weapon tree, the better your weapon will perform.

Leveling up your weapon mastery takes a long time, and you should level up at least two distinct weapons. If you wish to try a different weapon or modify your playstyle, you’ll have to level it up from the beginning. Purchasing Weapon Mastery leveling allows you to improve your weapon skills without investing a lot of effort.

Buying New World Weapon Mastery boost you will get:

  • Weapons chosen were maxed out at level 20 (of your choice).
  • To utilize in weapon skill trees, you’ll get 20 points.
  • All perks and masteries for the chosen weapon are available.
  • We create the talent tree you desire.


  • Time to complete New World Weapon Mastery boost 1-3 days (1 weapone).
  • You can either provide us the skill tree that our team should use, or you can spend the skill points yourself to ensure that your weapon has the best set of perks and active abilities at maximum level. If you’re not sure which talents to use, our team will utilize the best build for you.
  • You can order other New World services in corresponding Section.


  • Required weapon in bags.
  • 60 level.
  • New World account.

How boost a New World Weapon Mastery?

When you kill enemies in a group, you get experience, making Elite farming and Expedition runs significantly more efficient ways to grind weapon mastery than solo farming. While this method is fairly efficient, it is still exceedingly tedious and time-consuming. As a result, we sell the Weapon Mastery Boost service.

Are you able to master all of the weapons in the New World?

You certainly can! But it’ll take a long time to get there. To gain enough experience for your weapon, you must kill hundreds of high-level enemies.

Purchasing weapon mastery is the quickest way to raise your weapon’s maximum level and become extremely powerful in both PvE and PvP battles.

Is it possible to respec Weapons in New World?

Yes, don’t be frightened to try out your new equipment! You will have the option to respec any weapon mastery at any time. It’ll cost you some money and Azoth, but Overgear can help you with that as well!

What is the purpose of weapon mastery?

You will earn mastery skill points as you move through the levels, which will unlock additional skills and special passive points. It’s critical to get all of the points and maximize the power of your build.

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