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Our boost service include the capture of MECHANIZED LUMBER EXTRACTOR, it is a new Sky Golem mount arrived in Legion expansion and is a reward for achievement REMEMBER TO SHARE after collecting 300 toys.

Buying Mechanized Lumber Extractor mount from our shop you will get:

  • You will receive Mechanized Lumber Extractor World of Warcraft mount;
  • When fulfilling your order we will keep all items our boosters get, including ingame currency and loot.

Features when buying Mechanized Lumber Extractor mount service:

  • Generally boost takes about 4 – 8 weeks, after order was processing;
  • All our boosters are internally tested and go through a trial period and as a result we select only the most reliable and proven boosters.
  • Our boosters do not use any software or bots for speeding up your order completion.
  • We always try to use VPN of your country to ensure maximum safety for your account.
  • When doing Mechanized Lumber Extractor mount boost we can stream or do screenshots on different stages of the boost, if you request it.
  • Mechanized Lumber Extractor mount is available for following regions – Europe, America, Russia.
  • Piloted options are available for this boost.
  • Ordering Mechanized Lumber Extractor mount you can also buy additional options and thus save significant amount of money compared to ordering extra services one by one.
  • Ground speed 60% or 100% (depends on your riding skill).
  • Flying speed +150%, +280% or +310% (depends on your riding skill).

Requirements for Mechanized Lumber Extractor service:

  • Level 120 character.
  • Account Sharing.
  • Apprentice Riding (75).
  • We only ask for login and password. We will never ask for secret answer or access to your email.
  • For this service we will ask you to disable authenticator or configure it so it doesn’t ask for code on each login.


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