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World of Warcraft doesn’t lose its popularity over the long course of 13 years already. Though, more and more players get interested in private servers with previous expansions, such as TBC, WotLK, Cataclysm and so on. Warmane is one of those projects, which offers you to return to The Burning Crusade times on a server named Outland. At the moment over 15 thousand players play on this server.


You should understand, having a sufficient amount of gold makes your character more competitive. It’s easier to get into a good guild, it’s easier to equip your character, and most importantly – constant full staffing. For gold, it’s easy to buy everything you need: potions, consumables, to level a profession, learn skills, teach your WoW character to fly in Azeroth and much much more.


The main currency of World of Warcraft has been, is now, and will be gold. In TBC era getting gold was very hard – and you needed lots of it. For example, getting your Riding skill to max would cost you 7000 gold. Every respec or talent shuffle would cost you some gold as well. We don’t even talk about consumables, enchants, gems, items for keeping your characters competitive. Professions were a massive gold sink as well – to max out one profession you would need 2000+ gold.


Buy Warmane Gold – Outland is a great way of securing a comfortable environment for playing regardless of when you started playing on this server. offers not only services of great quality and speed – we offer low prices as well!

[:en]Goold transfer is done within 30-60 minutes (at our working time 1PM CEST – 1AM CEST) after completing the payment. Delivery time may increase if you buy very large amounts of gold. Our operators are ready to answer all the questions about buying WoW Gold Warmane – Outland on Skype: boosting_pro or on LiveChat on our website.

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