What boost buy before Shadowlands
The World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion is already coming to an end. Soon a new expansion Shadowlands will be released. As before, in the patch, some items, achievements, mounts and more will become inaccessible. All these things are available now in the current content of Battle of Azeroth. We have collected all this
Just recently on the alpha version of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands everyone could see the long-awaited Torghast tower release. And most of the participants in the test server went to study this content. Now Torghast tower is available in two types (Skoldus Halls and Fracture Chambers), while only four classes are available for going into
Is it too late to start WoW Classic?
You can often hear the question: Is it too late to start playing WoW Classic? We’ll answer right away – no! In fact, it’s generally difficult to really be late in this game, because World of Warcraft Classic is a very slow and long progression game and almost all high-level content will be relevant throughout