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Prince Arthas

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40 $

If you’re bored of Uther the Lightbringer or Lady Liadrin portraits, with the help of our service you will be able to change them for a new Prince Arthas’ portrait.

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Arthas Menethil is a crowned Lordaeron prince and paladin from the Silver Hand order. Although Arthas was stubborn and a little arrogant, he was acknowledged as one of best swordsmen of the kingdom and noone could argue about his bravery. One of his most famous feat was a victory against Zul’aman forest trolls.

Later, he went to fight the spreading plague in the northern lands of Lordaeron, and this was the beginning of his fall. Having become entranced with the famous runic blade Frostmourne, he was cursed and, overcome with a thirst for vengeance, kills Mal’ganis, after which he goes to the icy wilderness of Northrend, where he is swallowed up by darkness, so Arthas Menethil becomes Lich King – one of the most vicious and powerful creatures of Azeroth.


How to get a portrait of Prince Arthas?

Hearthstone players have the opportunity to get a third portrait for the paladin – a great warrior of the Silver Hand order, Arthas. To do this, it is necessary to defeat the Lich King in heroic mode by all nine classes of Heartstone. For this you need nine sets of cards for each class. You can view the entire list in the “Images” tab. This set of cards is a requirement to complete this service, if you lack any cards, you can create them with the help of dust.

We need one day to complete this service.

9 decks shown in Images tab.

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Yes. You can play all other games in your Battle.net client while we boost.

Yes, you can level a character to level 20 from any level.

If you don’t have some cards, you can create it with dust

Yes. You will be able to receive Arthas’ portrait only after defeating Heroic Lich King with all nine classes.

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1 review for Prince Arthas

  1. Cool portrait!

    Rated 4 out of 5


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