New World Refining Skills boost

The New World economy will be built by the first players with high levels in every profession, and they will earn tons of gold coins! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

New World has five different refining trade talents throughout the game. Each of these skills allows you to convert resources into crafting ingredients. The greater your refining trade skill, the more efficiently your character uses resources, with the possibility of obtaining extra materials.

If you have already accumulated how many levels in the refining skill, then simply select the missing number of points. When buying a New World Refining Skills, you will not have to overpay for the points you have already accumulated.

Buying New World Refining Skills boost you will get:

  • Any level of the desired Refining profession in New World.
  • Buying New World Refining Skill boost, you will also receive a boost to your Gathering profession (no specific level).
  • Buying New World Crafting Skill boost, you will also recevie a boost of the corresponding Gathering AND Refining professions (no specific level).
  • All coins and other materials that are left after the boost.


  • Time to complete New World Refining Skills boost 1-5 days (one profession).
  • You need to choose the desired number of points for New World Refining Skills boost.
  • The length of this service is determined by the starting skill level and target skill level.
  • You will spend less if you need a boost in processing or crafting and have already reached the required level of collection (or purification).
  • When you reach the maximum level, you will be able to collect the best ingredients and utilize them to make the best products in the game.
  • We can give you with intermediate reports on the work that has been completed in the form of screenshots or a stream. The latter is not always possible because the game is overly demanding on the video card’s specifications.
  • You can order other New World services in corresponding Section.


  • New World account.
  • 60 level.
  • Account sharing

Refining Trade Skill in New World

Smelting. This trade skill allows you to use the “Smelter” machine to smelt ore into ingots. Ingots can be used to make armor, weapons, bags, and furniture, among other things.

Woodworking. After mastering this trade ability, you’ll be able to utilize a special “Woodshop” machine to recycle the “branch’s” resource into wood, lumber, and boards, which may then be used to make staves, arrows, and furniture.

Leatherworking. You can produce numerous varieties of leather with the “Tannery” machine, which can then be used to make armor, bags, craft equipment, and other items.

Weaving. Your character will be able to process resources acquired from plants into various fabrics that can be used to make armor, bags, and furniture using the “Loom” machine.

Stonecutting. After mastering this trade skill, you will be able to utilize the “Stonecutting Table” machine to make various stone blocks and bricks, which are used to improve towns. You can also cut a gem, which will give an item, jewelry, or armor some unique features.

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