Azshara's Eternal Palace entrance
New raid in patch 8.2. Azshara’s Eternal Palace is now available in normal and heroic modes for players on American servers, for the rest of the regions Raid Azshara will be available tomorrow (July 10). In the raid you will find eight bosses, including the final – Queen Azshara. In the raid dungeon Eternal Palace
PvP Season 3 in BFA
So the 3rd PvP season of BFA has arrived, it will begin on July 9 on Americas region, and on the rest – on July 10, with the release of the new BFA raid, the Eternal Palace of Azshara, the new season of Mythic Plus and the launch of the new Mechagon mythic dungeon. Many
WoW Nazjatar Location map
So, the release date of the new WoW patch 8.2 “Rise of Azshara” became known – the start on US servers is on June 25 and the rest of servers on June 26. In this article we have collected for you detailed information about the new features of the upcoming update. In patch 8.2, two
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